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Bootcamps Bath

Bootcamp Exercise Classes In Bath

Our bootcamp workouts in Bath include interval training with bursts of intense workouts alternated with lighter exercises. Our bootcamp workouts will work your whole body. One of the benefits of boot camp exercise is that it is a highly social activity, which motivates people to keep coming back.


Our members often tell us how our bootcamps Bath lift their mood and leave them feeling elated when they leave. When people enjoy exercise they feel more motivated to continue and will be far more likely to see great results; which encourages them further.

Exercising outdoors has the advantage of being easily accessible and relatively COVID-19 safe. Physical activity outdoors can reduce blood pressure and stress and can help you to train harder. The fresh air and scenery can really lift your mood too!

We cater for all fitness levels; from beginners to advanced. Our bootcamp classes are highly sociable fitness and supportive. Studies have shown that physical activity outdoors can reduce stress and lower blood pressure. The group nature of our outdoor fitness class pushes you achieve more in a fun environment. 

We will help you to achieve your fitness goals in inspiring outdoor spaces with expert, ex-military trainers. Our tailored FIIT ( Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type) and military themed bootcamp classes have been devised to help you improve your fitness and feel great whilst doing it.

Our bootcamps in Bath take place in Victoria Park. This beautiful park is located just a short walk from the city centre of Bath. The 57 acre park is a favourite for locals and visitors alike and has the Royal Crescent as its backdrop.

Victoria Park is situated on the Upper Bristol Road (A4), address Marlborough Lane, Bath BA1 2NQ. There is limited metered car parking within the park and at Charlotte Street car park nearby.

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